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In Short

1. Jennifer Borchardt is a co-director of The Muesli Company in Thomastown

2. Peter Pavlis is the owner

3. Jennifer Borchardt is viscously stabbed and slashed to death in her own home

4. Peter Pavlis is charged with her murder

Melbourne Muesli Murder

Melbourne Muesli Murder – AAP

75-year-old Peter Pavlis, the owner of a muesli business in Melbourne, is alleged to have stabbed his co-worker, Jennifer Borchardt, to death in her home.

The Muesli man allegedly murdered 49-year-old Jennifer Borchardt on Tuesday.

The co-director was found in the kitchen by her partner at her Richmond home.

Pavlis founded The Muesli Company in 1984 and it is believed that Ms Borchardt worked at the wholegrain cereal business as a co-director since 1999.

Early reports have Ms Borchardt having a 25% stake in the company and homicide detectives are examining whether a business decision gone bad played a part in her death.

The elderly Muesli man faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after his arrest and did not apply for nor seek bail.

He will re-appear in court on December 21st 2017

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