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Karen Ristevski was reported missing by her husband, Boris, after an argument over financial matters. Boris claims Karen stormed off “to clear her head”

Ristevski Family Photo

Karen has been described as a beautiful, loving person who was full of love and life. (source)

Sarah Ristevki and Her Family

Sarah Ristevski, the 21-year-old daughter of Karen and Boris, whose life has been turned upside down over the death of her mother and the speculation surrounding her family.

Boris and Sarah have attended news conferences pleading for information over Karen’s disappearance. They have held themselves together admirably under immense media scrutiny.

The pain that Sarah must be going through is unimaginable to everyday Australians. Firstly her father, Borce, is asked point blank by a reporter if he murdered Karen. Then her house in Avondale Heights is bombarded by media. Months later the badly decomposed body of her mother is found in bushland and the microscope then zeroes in on her father once again.

Police search for Karen

The police search at the site where the badly decomposed body of a woman was found. Forensic tests later identified the body as that of missing Avondale Height mother, Karen Ristevski.

After identification of Karen’s remains her husband Boris presented himself to the offices of Melbourne lawyer, Rob Stary. Stary then made the startling statement that his client, Boris, was the number one suspect in the murder of his wife. This declaration is unheard of in Victorian legal circles and creates more questions in this intriguing saga.
Stepson murders Karen Ristevski

Karen Ristevski Stepson

The murderer of Karen Ristevski will get caught. That is a certainty. It is only then that all the questions will be answered. Questions such as:

  • Why do we only hear now about the shovel found in the garage of the Ristevski home?
  • Why did Boris seek our Melbourne lawyer Rob Stary and why did Stary make the claim the Boris is number one suspect in the murder?
  • Why did the stepson, Antony Rickard make those outlandish Facebook posts?

Could the visit by Boris to the lawyer and the comment by the lawyer regarding Boris being the main suspect be orchestrated by authorities to make the real killer relax and make a mistake and expose himself?

Could the shovel have been taken from the Ristevski garage by the killer, used in the crime, and put back in the garage completely wiped clean of fingerprints?

These and more questions will be revealed when the murder trial of Karen Ristevski begins.

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