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Vasko Ristevski Caught On Camera

Video still shows Vasko Ristevski emerging from the scrub during filming of Channel Nine’s A Current Affair. Photo: A Current Affair

The brother of a suspect into the murder of Avondale Heights mother, Karen Ristevski, has been filmed roaming around the area where Ms Ristevski’s body was found in late February.

While police still hold husband, Borce, as a prime suspect, it was the unusual sighting of Vasko Ristevski that has raised the eyebrows of detectives.

It was while A Current Affair was filming at the site in preparation for the twelve month disappearance of Karen that Vasko appeared from behind a tree. When questioned by staff from the show he was evasive and quickly departed.

On a side note here is an explanation as to why criminals return to the scene of the crime.

Vasko Ristevski Caught At Dumping Site

Back to Vasko and it raises more questions such as why was he there? Grief? Remorse? Guilt?

Only the brother of the chief suspect in the murder of his wife can answer that.

*The Author in no way implies that Vasko is involved in the murder of Karen.

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